Stroke and Cerebropathia


Stroke is brain damage caused by a blocked blood vessel or bleeding from a vessel in the brain. The signs of a stroke may include weakness, numbness, blurred vision, confusion, and slurred speech. Getting to a hospital quickly is vital for a good outcome with a stroke.

To overcome with stroke complications requires intense treatment but it cannot promise for complete recovery. Treatment is better start earlier stage of the disease and it also benefits preventing other cerebropathia such as dementia and heart diseases.


Signs of stroke

① hemiplegia

② loss of sensation

③ headache and nausea, dizzyness/vertigo

④ speech disorder, aphasia

⑤ Bell’s palsy

⑥ visual field defect

⑦ dyspenea

⑧ dementia


 Therapy methods for stroke

① differential diagnosis to find out signs of stroke

② specialized therapies for preventing stroke

③ acupuncture techniques for removing waste in brain

④ improving blood and qui circulation for stroke prevention

⑤ removing blood clot to enhance blood circulation

⑥ prescribe herbs for prevention of heart diseases and any brain damages